Wood construction arrived!

The most interesting part started after the concrete plate  was insulated against humidity.

A truck brought first a door frame and the day after the rest of constructionIMG_20140225_101437



It was quite problematic to get all the stuff to our place as it´s situated  on a  hill and the road is quite narrow and steep. So we had to first load all the material from a big truck to a smaller one, which carried it to our place. Thanks God that the weather was that time so nice (sunny and temperatures above zero)  –  we didn´t have any problems with transportation.




We started in the late afternoon with putting the prefab wood parts together. First I thought that we will not manage to finish it and the crane will have to arrive again but everything went so quick that we finished everything before it was dark.

IMG_20140226_145206 IMG_20140226_143930 IMG_20140226_145617 IMG_20140226_165952

The next day we continued with the door frame and honestly to say, it started to look like a real house 😉





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