HOUSE: We started in January

After many fruitful discussions with architect and afterwards with the company (price, details, equipment, functionality etc.) we finally started with fundaments. It was in January.  We were pretty lucky because the weather was very good.




The whole fundament with concrete plate was ready in a few weeks. We faced to several challenges. First of all it was weather. The fundament (concrete in soil which was placed cca 1 m under the ground) was without any problems but when we made the upper part (pillars and bricks which were filled with concrete), it was too cold.

Actually the whole winter was very favourable weather (almost the whole winter under 0°C) but the weekend when we made the pillars was almost -10 °C during nights. Anyway I hope that the concrete is ok (we put there some plastificators which speeded up hardening of it).



P1070080 P1070068


You can watch also the video on youtube – the concrete slab.

Afterwards we had to wait until the concrete ”ripe” an

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