First look inside

Sorry not to posting for such a long time but now I would like to improve it.

Lets move on! I will show you first pictures from inside of our house. Its actually nothing more than wood. But on the other hand, those of you who have good imagination, you can see already kitchen, bedrooms and living room as well.

View into the attic:

Our future stove

Future kitchen

Beautiful sunrise coming into our bedroom

Just have a look on “walls“. They will be filled with a special insulation (stone wool) which has a really nice properties: inflamable, good thermo-insulation, sound-insulation. The same actually with the ceiling – we used there 40 cm of stone wool.

All joints were sealed by special tapes – the black one was used in the bottom parts (where concret and wood touch each other) the white one was used for all wood joints (it protects again  excesive air circulation, its name is “air-stop´´)

I will show you in the next post how we installed the windows  🙂


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