Spa and wellness in Bojnice

We had a very nice long weekend which we spent in spa in a very beautiful city Bojnice in a Slovakia. If you are interested in wellness, spa and relaxing in Slovakia, just go on in reading……

Bojnice is a very famous city in the Slovakia. There are not even 5000 inhabitants but there are so many opportunities to have a really wonderful holiday. It´s cca 3,5 h far from Vienna and you can find there spa, castle Bojnice, the oldest zoo in the Slovakia and much more…!!!


We visited Bojnice during a few weeks ago to have a long weekend there. We had booked before a wellness stay in the spa which is one of the famous in Slovakia. They have actually very nice stays and wellness programs which you can select: we chose the program called Vital Plus in the spa house Mier.

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There are many spa houses which you can select as spa Bojnice is a very big area which is supplied with some natural healing hydrogen-carbon-sulphate, calcic-magnesium hypotonic thermal water with the temperature from 28 to 52 ºC which rises out of 9 springs with discharge of 40 litres per second from the depth of 1 200 – 1 500 meters.

Straight on Friday in the morning we checked-in and afterwards we had a small examination at the in-house doctor who told us if everything is ok, what should we focus on and which procedures could be suitable for us. We got a form where you have actually the whole program for your stay (which treatment procedures do you have, what time, at which location in the spa house, etc.).

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I got one massage of my back and neck in the morning and then (after the lunch – there is full board included in your stay) I continued with balneotherapy in bubble water tubs and I got alternating water jet (arctic fire) as well (this was really great).

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You have also the unlimited entrance to all pools included plus additionally 2 times entry to the sauna world which is a most beautiful sauna world I have ever seen. One pool is outside and if the temperature is around 0 °C you can watch a nice play between the cold air and vapor.


After the dinner you can have a nice walk to the city center which is cca 20 min away where you can have a drink (eg. in Biograf Restaurant – really very nice place to have a drink or wonderful food) or you can visit zoo or castle Bojnice during the day.


On Saturday we were quite busy. I had 3 treatment procedures in the morning and twone after the lunch. We spent then the whole afternoon in the pools and in sauna – fantastic.

There are also some pubs, bars and cafes in the spa areal so you can have fun and you don´t have to go even to the center of the city.

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On Sunday, there are no procedure any more. We checked out straight after the breakfast but after that I went to the fitness and then we stayed till 12 am in the warm pools (it was still included in the price, except fitness).

What was very nice, was the price of our stay. We paid for a person and a day 60 Eur (accomodation in double bad room, full board, 4 treatment procedures per day, sauna and pool included) what is an excellent price…. and of course the personal speaks German and English as well (the shields are in Slovak and German).


Even if we´re still young and don´t have any troubles with backs, muscles etc., the stay helped us a lot – you feel the difference and I´m sure we will come again next year to have our ”annual security and technical body inspection” 🙂

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