The Roof

The roof-frame was done within two days. It was really quick. The guys from the company were really profesionals. They were just three of them and complete job (also with roof tiles) had been done within a week.


We decided to have a roof made from concrete roof tiles. Although they are heavier than tiles made of clay, we found a new type of roof tiles covered with special layer which protect the concrete well against rain and snow. The colour is stable very much as well (lets see after a few years if they are right ;).

IMG_20140227_122216 IMG_20140227_122110 IMG_20140227_121938IMG_20140227_121909


Quite challenging was to cover the whole roof frame with a canvas as it was really windy that day.

IMG_20140228_174729 IMG_20140301_111019

After finishing laying the roof tiles, the house got a totally new shape.

IMG_20140309_115711 IMG_20140309_121803


We finished the roof in the first week of March.

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