How is the construction made?

Here you can see a detail how does it look if you open the prefabricated wall. There are several layers: from inside it starts now with OSB wood panel (15 mm), then there is a mineral wool insulation (120 mm) which is covered with another wood panel (fiberwood system, 15 mm).

This is just described inner part of the whole wall construction – there will be in the future also other layers (another insulations, plasterboards, plastering system etc. – I will write about it later on ;).


You can see here the final composition (draft) of our prefabricated load-bearing wall. Actually just our peripheral walls are load-bearing walls.

composition of prefabricagted wall


Interesting was how we mounted all the prefabricated walls together – we used screws which had almost 25 cm. Really big ones.



Our next job was to install the non load-bearing walls which was really a formula 1 action. It was done within a few hours.

IMG_20140226_141341 IMG_20140226_145617

Generally the whole day was very, really very successful.  We finished in late afternoon and the result was really nice….you can see below.


What I really liked was to make a roof frame construction…….will follow in the next post. I hope you will enjoy the reading.



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