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Spa and wellness in Bojnice

We had a very nice long weekend which we spent in spa in a very beautiful city Bojnice in a Slovakia. If you are interested in wellness, spa and relaxing in … Continue Reading →



The Roof

The roof-frame was done within two days. It was really quick. The guys from the company were really profesionals. They were just three of them and complete job (also with … Continue Reading →


How is the construction made?

Here you can see a detail how does it look if you open the prefabricated wall. There are several layers: from inside it starts now with OSB wood panel (15 mm), … Continue Reading →


Pancakes without words


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Xmas in Vienna

What I would you really recommend is to visit Vienna during Christmas time. Reserve for your selfe two or three days and spend a beautiful holiday in a marvelous capital … Continue Reading →


Wood construction arrived!

The most interesting part started after the concrete plate  was insulated against humidity. A truck brought first a door frame and the day after the rest of construction   I … Continue Reading →


she VS. he



I phone, you tube



HOUSE: We started in January

After many fruitful discussions with architect and afterwards with the company (price, details, equipment, functionality etc.) we finally started with fundaments. It was in January.  We were pretty lucky because … Continue Reading →


oh yeah…

  It´s all about how do you stand up to it …   Tweet


HOUSE: How/why did we actually start

We started with looking for a nice piece of land one year ago. That time we lived in Vienna (capital of Austria) and decided to move away from the city. … Continue Reading →

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